Acorus gramineus 'pusillus'

Acorus gramineus var. pusillus is a terrarium plant. Dwarf Acorus is sometimes used as an aquarium decoration but will only survive several months completely submerged. After a few months of  aquarium use, it must be grown above water for several months to rejuvenate. It is, however a very attractive and recommended terrarium plant where its unusual form and small stature makes it a delightful accent.

Common Name:         Dwarf Acorus

Family Name:            Acoraceae

Native To:                   Eastern Asia

Lighting:                     Medium

Requirements:            Must have a period of terrestrial growth for good health              

Growth Form:             Mound

Growth Rate:              Extremely slow under water

True Aquatic:              No, terrarium plant

Placement in Tank:    Fore to mid-ground

Available As:              Bare root