Acorus gramineus 'Variegatus'

Florida Aquatic Nurseries grows the terrarium plant Acorus gramineus 'variegatus'.  Also know as variegated Acorus, this terrarium plant is sometimes used as an aquarium decoration.  Acorus gramineus 'variegatus' can handle short stays in an aquarium, but must be taken out for rejuvination periods.  Variegated Acorus works well as a pond plant around the edges of a water garden or in moist areas of the yard.


Common Name:         Variegated Acorus

Family Name:            Acoraceae

Native To:                   Eastern Asia

Lighting:                     Medium

Requirements:            Must have a period of terrestrial growth for good health              

Growth Form:             Mound

Growth Rate:              Extremely slow under water

True Aquatic:              No, terrarium or pond plant

Placement in Tank:    Mid-ground (or at edge of pond)

Available As:              Bare root and potted