Alternanthera reineckii var 'roseafolia'

Alternanthera reineckii var. 'roseafolia' is a very decorative "red" plant.  Commonly know as Telanthera, of the Alternanthera sp. this one is an exemplary aquarium plant. Alternanthera reineckii has a bronze color on top of the leaf and the deep purple colored underside of the leaf. Alternanthera reineckii offers a nice contrast to the mostly green plants in an aquarium. Although most red aquarium plants are somewhat difficult to grow in an aquarium, Alternanthera reineckii is on eof the easiest. With adequate light and fertilizer Alternanthera reineckii grows vigorously and with good color. Alternanthera reineckii is produced above water at the Florida Aquatic Nurseries but this means it handles shipment better and it makes an easy transition aquatic growth.


Common Name:       Telanthera

Family Name:            Amaranthaceae

Native To:                  The Americas

Lighting:                     Medium

Requirements:           One of the easiest red plants, requires good light and fertilization             

Growth Form:             Stem

Growth Rate:              Fast

True Aquatic:              Yes

Placement in Tank:    Mid-ground to background 

Available As:               Bunch, Potted, Tissue culture