Aponogeton capuronii

Florida Aquatic Nurseries grows Aponogeton capuronii, an aquatic bulb plant native to the island nation of Madagascar.  Aponogeton capuronii is an excellent aquarium plant as the central focal point in a planted aquarium displaying green leaves that have undulating margins.  Aponogeton capuronii is similar in appearance to Aponogeton ulvaceous, but smaller.  Aponogeton capuronii is less likely to go through a dormant stage than many Aponogeton sp.  

Common Name:      Aponogeton capuronii

Family Name:            Aponogetonaceae

Native To:                  Southeastern Madagascar

Lighting:                    Low - Medium

Requirements:           Soft, slightly acid water                    

Growth Form:             Bulb

Growth Rate:              Medium

True Aquatic:              Yes

Placement in Tank:    Mid - Background, focal point plant

Available As:               Bare Root and Bulb