Barclaya longifolia 'red form'

Barclaya longifolia is an easy to grow aquarium plant.  Barclaya longifolia has two forms that exist in nature, a red form and a green form.  The red form is more sought after in the aquarium plant trade for the added color benefits.  Barclaya longifolia is in the same family as waterlilies, but keeps all of its leaves submerged making it more suitable for the aquarium.  Native to Southeast Asia, Barclaya longifolia is one of the easiest to grow red aquatic plants.  Barclay longifolia is one of only a few plants that will flower completely underwater, and will even set seed there.  With a little luck, the seeds may spread around your aquarium, and you may see little baby Barclaya plants sprout and grow!  While the plant does develop a bulb with age, young plants have only roots.

Common Name:      Barclaya longifolia 'red form'

Family Name:            Nymphaceae

Native To:                  South East Asia

Lighting:                    Medium to high

Requirements:           Not demanding as long as the water isn't too hard        

Growth Form:             Bulb

Growth Rate:              Medium

True Aquatic:              Yes

Placement in Tank:    Mid-background

Available As:               Bare root or bulb