Cryptocoryne ciliata

Cryptocoryne ciliata is one of the largest plants in the Genus CryptocoryneCryptocoryne ciliata grows equally well in submersed or emersed conditions.  When planting Cryptocoryne ciliata in the aquarium take note of its large potential size and keep it in the background areas.  Cryptocoryne ciliata is an excellent aquarium plant for hobbyists looking for emersed leaves emerging from the aquarium.  In nature this rugged plant is frequently found in tidal zones, so it is a good plant to consider for both brackish water tanks and paludariums.

Common Name:  Cryptocoryne ciliata

Family Name:       Aracea

Native To:              Wide spread in coastal areas of India and south east Asia.

Lighting:                Moderate

Requirements:       For good growth, requires a nutrient rich substrate.  Otherwise undemanding

Growth Form:        Rosette 

Growth Rate:          Slow

True Aquatic:         Yes

Placement in Tank: Background in large tanks

Available As:            Bare root, Potted