Cryptocoryne walkeri ("lutea")

Cryptocoryne walkeri ("lutea") was originally thought to be a separate species.  It is now considered to be part of the rather broad species, C. walkeri.  Cryptocoryne lutea is a great aquarium plant for the midground areas.  Cryptocoryne lutea forms nice full clumps of plants with medium sized light green leaves.  Use Cryptocoryne lutea as filler around other plants or in front of a stand of plants with a different color and leaf shape. 

Common Name:  Cryptocoryne lutea

Family Name:      Aracea

Native To:              Sri Lanka

Lighting:                Moderate

Requirements:       Easy plant, good for beginners

Growth Form:        Rosette

Growth Rate:          Slow

True Aquatic:         Yes

Placement in Tank: Mid ground

Available As:            Potted