Cryptocoryne parva

Cryptocoryne parva is one of the smallest Cryptocoryne species in the aquarium trade.  Cryptocoryne parva is one of the best foreground plants for lower light tanks. It has the ability to grow well in variable conditions of light intensity  water chemistry.  Cryptocoryne parva is definitely a great choice for beginners to use in the foreground areas of their aquariums.  It will be slightly taller in low light conditions.  In high light and especially in the presence of supplemental CO2, the plant tends to hug the substrate, with prostrate leaves.  Just don't expect it to grow as fast as most carpet plants.  It is slow, but well worth the wait!

Common Name:  Cryptocoryne parva

Family Name:       Aracea

Native To:             Sri Lanka

Lighting:              Low to high

Requirements:      Undemanding, great beginner plant

Growth Form:        Rosette

Growth Rate:         Slow

True Aquatic:         Yes

Placement in Tank: Foreground

Available As:           Bare root, Potted, Tissue Culture