Echinodorus 'Altlandsberg'

Echinodorus 'Altlandsberg' is an exciting new sword plant with colorful leaves that will be a great addition to any aquarium. It is equally attractive both emersed and submersed. In the emersed form it displays several deep red veins running the full length of the leaf with the mid vein being the most prominent. The leaf color is a tan to green and cordiform in shape. The emersed growth form of this aquarium plant is very compact, which makes a nice potted plant. Echinodorus 'Altlandsberg' also flowers profusely in this form and exhibits an inflorescence with numerous large delicate white flowers and eventually plantlets.  The submersed form is equally attractive, however much different. The leaves are darker tan in color and the deep red veins are not as pronounced in the aquarium. The leaves are larger and more delicate and are slightly wavy. The submersed form is compact and relatively slow growing, though eventually obtaining a large size fitting of center piece plant for the aquarium. Like most sword plants in the aquarium Echinodorus 'Altlandsberg' will eventually put out surface leaves and an inflorescence on the surface.  This plant was hybridized by Tomas Kaliebe from Germany and is new to the American market. 

Common Name:  Echinodorus 'Altlandsberg'

Family Name:       Alismataceae

Native To:              Cultivar

Lighting:                Moderate - High

Requirements:       Undemanding, but a heavy feeder, does best with regular fertilization

Growth Form:        Rosette

Growth Rate:          Medium

True Aquatic:         Yes

Placement in Tank: Mid - Background

Available As:            Potted or bare root