Echinodorus 'Rose'

Echinodorus 'Rose' is a very popular variety of sword plant in Europe.  It was developed by Hans Bart in 1988 and is a cross between E. horizontalis and E. horemanii "red" (a color form of E. uruguayensis)  Named for its rosy pink colored new leaves, the rose sword plant is a robust aquarium plant that would make a beautiful highlight in the aquarium.  Echinodorus 'Rose' has a very compact growth nature with a high leaf count. The rose sword plant is a great choice for all levels of hobbyists.

Common Name:     Rose sword plant

Family Name:          Alismataceae

Native To:                Cultivar

Lighting:                  Moderate

Requirements:          Undemanding, but like most Echinodorus, it is a heavy feeder

Growth Form:           Rosette

Growth Rate:            Moderate

True Aquatic:            Yes

Placement in Tank:   Mid-background

Available As:             Bare root