Echinodorus cordifolius

Echinodorus cordifolius is a good choice as an aquarium plant because the Radican Sword (as it is more commonly known) can handle many different conditions.  Lighting intensities for Echinodorus cordifolius can vary from low to high.  The leaves of this plant have a longer petiole (stem) than the Amazon sword, and the leaves themselves are more spoon-shaped, making it a nice contrast in shape for other swords.  Plant Radican swords in the background areas of your aquarium as they can reach a large size.  The highlight of Echinodorus cordifolius are the large bright green leaves it produces.  Radican sword plants are great in aquariums for beginners.

Common Name:    Radican Sword

Family Name:         Alismatacea 

Native To:             The Americas 

Lighting:                Moderate, but undemanding

Requirements:        Undemanding, but more robust with good fertilization 

Growth Form:        Rosette  

Growth Rate:         Moderate   

True Aquatic:          Yes   

Placement in Tank: Background

Available As:           Bare root, potted