Cabomba furcata

Cabomba furcata is a very colorful variety of Cabomba that originates from Central and South America.  Cabomba furcata has colors ranging from orange to purple making it one of the most colorful species of Cabomba.  Cabomba furcata is more difficult to grow than C. caroliniana, but is well worth the effort, as it adds some interesting color to the aquarium.  In good conditions, this plant grows very fast so remember to trim it back regularly. Trimmings can be planted to  make new plants.

Common Name:      Cabomba furcata

Family Name:            Cabombaceae

Native To:                  Central and South America

Lighting:                    Med-High

Requirements:           For best results, needs very soft, very clean water and supplemental CO2

Growth Form:             Stem

Growth Rate:              Fast

True Aquatic:              Yes

Placement in Tank:    Mid- background

Available As:               Bunch