Cabomba caroliniana Var.'Pulcherrima'

Cabomba caroliniana Var. 'Pulcherrima' is an easy to grow aquatic plant that adds some purple colors to the planted aquarium.  Native to North America Purple Cabomba as it is more commonly know grows in streams and rivers.  The finely pinnate leaves of Cabomba caroliniana Var. 'Pulcherrima'  add a new texture to the planted aquarium and are great habitat for fish to hide or nest in.  Trim the stems of Purple Cabomba when they become to long and replant them to create new plants.

Common Name:      Purple Cabomba

Family Name:            Cabombaceae

Native To:                  North America

Lighting:                    Med-High

Requirements:           For best results, needs very soft, very clean water and supplemental CO2

Growth Form:             Stem

Growth Rate:              Fast

True Aquatic:              Yes

Placement in Tank:    Mid- background

Available As:               Bunch