Anubias barteri var. 'nana petite'

Anubias barteri var. 'nana petite' is a relatively new addition to the aquarium plant trade. Anubias nana petite is a minute variety of Anubias barteri var. 'nana' that can be used in the smallest of places and is an excellent foreground plant.  Anubias nana petite attaches to wood or rocks just like the other types of Anubias but is much smaller. The growth is also slower, and remains very compact, with tight clusters of leaves on short petioles (stems)  This is a great aquarium plant for nano set ups or in areas of larger tanks where a smaller plant is desired.  Anubias nana petite is a great aquarium plant with many uses.

The rhizome must be kept above the substrate surface or it can rot. Only the white roots should be buried.  

Common Name:      Anubias nana petite

Family Name:            Araceae

Native To:                  West Africa

Lighting:                     Low - Medium

Requirements:           Easy, beginner plant                     

Growth Form:             Spreading rhizome

Growth Rate:              Slow

True Aquatic:              Yes

Placement in Tank:    Foreground

Available As:               Bare root or potted