Blyxa japonica

Blyxa aubertii is a lovely aquatic plant and adds a spikey upright element in a planted aquarium.  The long slender leaves of Blyxa auberti flow in the current of your planted aquarium  In strong light, the plant has a bronze tinge to the leaves.  In more modest lighting the leaves are a translucent green.  This is the smaller of the two commercially available Blyxa sp. and makes a lovely addition to the front or midground of an aquascape. This plant does best in a well-tended high light CO2 suplemented tank with a nutritious substrate.  It does not tolerate abuse from boisterous fish.  This is an obligate aquatic, meaning that it cannot grow out of the water.

Common Name:      Blyxa japonica

Family Name:            Hydrocharitaceae

Native To:                  Asia from India and New Guinea to Japan and Australia

Lighting:                    Medium to high

Requirements:           Prefers soft-medium hard water, supplemental CO2 and good nutrition       

Growth Form:             Rosette

Growth Rate:              Fast in good conditons

True Aquatic:              Obligate aquatic

Placement in Tank:    Fore to midground

Available As:               Bare root