Crinum natans

Florida Aquatic Nurseries grows the aquarium plant Crinum natansCrinum natans has long flowing leaves with undulating margins.  Crinum natans is best used as a centerpiece in a large planted aquarium to show off its decorative assets.  In nature Crinum natans lives through wet and dry periods in its native West Africa. Its bulb store energy for the difficult times. Large white flowers adorn Crinum natans while emersed and sometimes even surprise aquarists by coming to the top of the water in the aquarium.

Common Name:  Crinum natan

Family Name:       Amaryllidacea

Native To:              West Africa

Lighting:                Moderate

Requirements:       Undemanding, but needs a large tank with a coarse nutrient rich substrate

Growth Form:        Bulb

Growth Rate:          Slow

True Aquatic:         Yes

Placement in Tank: Centerpiece

Available As:            Bare root