Cyperus helferi

Cyperus helferi is an excellent aquarium plant to add a grass like look in the aquarium.  The long leaves of Cyperus helferi wave in the current and are very pleasing to the eye.  Plant Cyperus helferi in multiple pieces to help create a full backdrop or plant near moving water in the aquarium to see it move in the current.  Cyperus species have been popular in the water garden industry for many years, but Cyperus helferi is the first species to be used totally submerged in an aquarium.

Cyperus helferi can grow very large, but it is also not difficult keep tamed down, by removing the older, outer leaves.  If purchased in a tissue culture package, the plants are faily small, and can be used successfully in a ssmaller tank for quite some time.

Common Name:  Cyperus helferi

Family Name:       Cyperaceae

Native To:              South East Asia

Lighting:                Moderate

Requirements:       Undemanding, but is more robust with suplemental CO2 and good fertilization

Growth Form:        Rosette

Growth Rate:          Moderate

True Aquatic:         Yes

Placement in Tank: Mid-background

Available As:            Bare root, potted, tissue culture