Dracaena compacta

Dracaena compacta is most commonly used as a landscape plant or in terrariums.  Dracaena compacta has been  used as an aquarium decoration because its tough foliage can withstand submersion for short periods of time. Pineapple Plant, as it is more commonly known, should be submerged for periods of no more than a month and then grown emersed to regenerate.  Dracaena compacta would be a good choice for use in a paludarium or riparium as it grows happily with wet roots.

Common Name:  Pineapple Plant

Family Name:       Rusacea

Native To:              Cultivar

Lighting:                Moderate - High

Requirements:       Undemanding 

Growth Form:        Rosette

Growth Rate:          Slow

True Aquatic:         Terrarium plant

Placement in Tank: Mid-ground

Available As:            Bare root