Echinodorus osiris

Echinodorus osiris is one of the most popular varieties of sword plants in the aquarium trade.  Echinodorus osiris is native to South America and makes for a very strong aquarium plant.  The melon sword as it is more commonly known has been the source for many other sword plant hybrids and cultivars on the market today.  Interestingly, although we continue to use this scientific name for now, there is evidence that makes it likely that Echinodorus osiris is a naturally occuring hybrid.  Echinodorus osiris is an excellent choice for beginners to use in the midground or background areas of the aquarium

Common Name:     Melon sword

Family Name:          Alismataceae

Native To:                Southern Brazil

Lighting:                  Moderate

Requirements:          Undemanding, but responds well to regular feeding

Growth Form:           Rosette

Growth Rate:            Moderate

True Aquatic:            Yes

Placement in Tank:   Mid-background

Available As:             Bare root