Echinodorus 'Tanzende Feuerfeder'

Echinodorus ‘Tanzende Feuerfeder’ is a unique and beautiful sword plant for the aquarium. It has long fairly narrow leaves that are dark green in color. The new leaves are maroon with splashes of darker maroon turning green with age. E. ‘Tanzende Feurerfeder’ is a fast growing sword plant and obtains a large size. This plant is a prolific bloomer, and produces a branched inflorescence. The inflorescence is covered with large delicate white flowers and plantlets form quickly. E. ‘Tanzende Feuerfeder’ flowers equally well submersed or emersed. The emersed form of this aquarium plant is also a strong plant and a fast grower. This plant was hybridized by Thomas Kaliebe of Germany.  It's name translates from German as "dancing fire feather" and was given in honor of a dance group from Brandenbug, Germany.

Common Name:     None

Family Name:          Alismataceae

Native To:                Cultivar

Lighting:                  Moderate

Requirements:          Requires good nutrition

Growth Form:           Rosette

Growth Rate:            Relatively fast growing sword

True Aquatic:            Yes, but also grows well emersed.

Placement in Tank:   Background

Available As:             Potted, bare root