Lilaeopsis mauritiana

Lilaeopsis mauritiana  is the finest leaved of the Lilaeopsis species in commercial cultivation for aquarium use.  It is a little less light demanding than other species, though the more light it gets, the shorter and thicker a lawn can be produced.  This is a good option for those who want a grassy foreground, but something a little different from Eleocharis (hair grass).

Common Name:   Narrow leafed micro sword  

Family Name:        Apiaceae  

Native To:              The Republic of Mauritius  

Lighting:                Moderate  

Requirements:        Moderate, but does best with a nutrient rich substrate and good light 

Growth Form:         Creeping stolon 

Growth Rate:          Medium  

True Aquatic:          Yes  

Placement in Tank: Foreground  

Available As:             Bare root, potted