Ludwigia ovalis

Ludwigia ovalis is a fairly new Ludwigia to the hobby. Unlike most of those popular with aquarists it has alternate leaves rather than opposite leaves. The a lovely orangey-red color is unusual in the aquarium too, making it a very nice contrast to other available red plants. While it appreciates good care, it is not as fussy as some red plants, and can be kept without supplemental CO2 by a careful aquarist.

Common Name:     

Family Name:          Onagraceae

Native To:                Eastern Asia

Lighting:                 Moderate to High 

Requirements:         CO2 is helpful, but not strictly required, but good nutrition is a must.

Growth Form:          Stem

Growth Rate:            Moderate

True Aquatic:           Yes 

Placement in Tank:   Midground with trimming to keep it from getting to tall is best

Available As:             Bunch