Microsorum pteropus ‘Trident’

Microsorm pteropus ‘Trident’, Is one of the many varieties and cultivars of Java fern available. Like the species, ‘Trident’ is a wonderful aquarium plant both for beginners and for more experienced hobbyists. Java fern is very adaptable, and will grow happily in very low light “fish tanks” with no CO2 but will also do well at much higher light levels with supplemental CO2 as long as the water is kept clean. (otherwise, like other slow growing plants, it can become infested with algae in a high light situation)

It is important to attach Java ferns to either a piece of wood or rock and not to bury the roots in the substrate or they can rot. The plant reproduces easily in the aquarium, both by rhizome and by producing plantlets on the tips of older leaves.

Common Name:     Trident Java Fern

Family Name:          Polypodiaceae

Native To:                Asia

Lighting:                 Low

Requirements:        Undemanding 

Growth Form:         Rhizome 

Growth Rate:           Slow

True Aquatic:           Yes

Placement in Tank:   Mid-background

Available As:             Bare root, on wood