Ammannia crassicaulis

Ammannia crassicaulis has been sold under the generic name of Nesaea for some time. But that genus has been subsumed under the genus Ammannia. This is a lovely plant for the high light, CO2 enriched aquarium with good nutrient support. It is similar to Ammannia gracilis, though not as bright red, tending more toward a yellowish bronze color. The plant needs room to do well, so don’t pack stems in too tightly. Allow water movement and light to penetrate between the stems.

Common Name:     

Family Name:          Lythraceae

Native To:                Africa and Madagascar

Lighting:                 Intense

Requirements:        Demanding 

Growth Form:        Stem  

Growth Rate:         Moderately fast under good conditions  

True Aquatic:         Yes  

Placement in Tank: Mid-background with trimming  

Available As:            Bunch