Scientific Name: Pistia stratiotes 'Rosette'

Variegated water lettuce is a brand new find in water gardening! This is the latest in a series of variegated plants to appear for water gardeners. Water lettuce is already a very unique and popular plant in the water garden and this variegated form is sure to liven up a garden even more. The variegation is creamy yellow against the deep green leaves making this a very attractive plant. We are sure this plant will be a standard floating plant for years to come. The variegation is more intense in low nutrient situations. 

Common Name:      Variegated water lettuce

Use: Floating

Flower Color: N/A

Leaf Color: Green and yellow variegated

Height: 12”

Hardiness Zone: 9-12

Native To: Cultivar

Available As: Bare root