Gymnocoronis spilanthoides is a large leafed stem plant that is best suited for the background areas of the planted aquarium.  Gymnocornis is also used as a water garden plant and is referred to as the water snowball plant in that industry, because of it's ball-shaped white flowers.  Planted around the edges of ponds or water gardens Gymnocornis spilanthoides is very popular with the butterflies.  ‘Water Snowball’, with it’s white, fragrant, snowball flowers, is one of the best butterfly- attracting plants in many water gardens. This bushy, semi-tropical plant has glossy deep green leaves. The many clusters of 1/2" white flowers are made up of tiny white filaments and bloom profusely summer through fall. A snowball plant will grow to 3 feet tall and wide, branching out on the water surface.

In the aquarium, it is a great plant for the novice with a large tank to fill.  If there is a complaint to be made about this plant it is that it grows so fast.  So it works well if you need to fill a lot of space.

Common Name:     None

Family Name:          Asteraceae

Native To:                South America

Lighting:                  Medium

Requirements:          Undemanding

Growth Form:           Stem (in garden, will grow to 3’)

Growth Rate:            VERY fast

True Aquatic:            Yes, but can also grow emersed as a marginal pond plant

Aquarium use: Background

Hardiness zone: 9-11

Available As:             Bunch plant