Micranthemum glomeratus

Micranthemum glomeratus is a small spreading plant native to North America. If planted densely and untrimmed, Micranthemum glomeratus will grow upright in the aquarium.  If planted loosely and trimmed regularly, Micranthemum glomeratus will grow in a beautiful spreading mound.  The amount of light can also influence the growth of Micranthemum glomeratus.  The highler the light the more likely to stay compact, in low light it is lighy to reach for the surface.  It can be grown without supplemental CO2, but is more robust and does best with it. This plant was recently moved from the genus Hemianthus to Micranthemum.

Common Name:     Baby's Tears

Family Name:          Scrophulariaceae

Native To:                North America

Lighting:                  Medium-high

Requirements:          Prefers a nutritious (soil based) substrate, does best with supplemental CO2

Growth Form:           Spreading mund

Growth Rate:            Fast

True Aquatic:            Yes, but also does well in humid terrariums

Placement in Tank:   Fore-mid-ground

Available As:             Potted Plant, Bunch Plant, Mats