Proserpinaca pectinata

Proserpinaca pectinata is a lovely, finely pinnate species of Proserpinaca. Florida Aquatic Nurseries is happy to be able offer this plant, native to the eastern U.S.A., to discerning aquarists. It has a lovely, orangey-bronze color in good light, and is a good grower as long as it has strong light and supplemental CO2. Proserpinaca pectinata has finely pinnate lives even when grown emerged (although they re then green) which makes it a small, interesting alternative for terrariums or Wabi Kusa.

Like P. palustris, it is one of the slower growing stem plants, which is appreciated by those with smaller “high tech” tanks.

Common Name:     

Family Name:          Haloragaceae

Native To:                Eastern North America

Lighting:                 Moderate to Intense

Requirements:        Demanding

Growth Form:         Stem

Growth Rate:           Slow for a stem plant

True Aquatic:           Yes

Placement in Tank:  Mid-ground

Available As:             Bunch