Myriophyllum simulans

Myriophyllum simulans is another beautiful Myriophyllum option for the well-lit aquarium. It will rapidly lose lower leaves if it does not receive an adequate mount of light. In such a high light environment, CO2 is almost always necessary. Myriophyllum simulans does not do well if algae is allowed to collect on the leaves, so regular aquarium maintenance to avoid algae is necessary.

Common Name:     Myrio Filigree

Family Name:         Haloragaceae 

Native To:               Australia 

Lighting:                 High

Requirements:        Responds well to ‘high tech” conditions 

Growth Form:         Stem 

Growth Rate:          Fast 

True Aquatic:          Yes 

Placement in Tank:  Mid-background, needs frequent trimming 

Available As:             Bunch