Myriophyllum tuberculatum 'Red'

Thus difficult aquarium plant is well worth the effort for those with excellent skills who want an outstanding highlight in their aquarium. Myriophyllum tuberculatum 'Red' requires soft water, very high light intensity and supplemental CO2 as well as regular addition of nutrients through the water column. It will stunt quickly if the nutrient level gets too low, but also must be kept in a very clean environment, because any algae will quickly suffocate it. Still, for those skillful aquarists willing to meet its needs this is an exceptionally beautiful aquarium plant!

Common Name:     

Family Name:         Haloragaceae 

Native To:               India, Pakistan and Indonesia 

Lighting:                 Very high

Requirements:         Demanding

Growth Form:         Stem 

Growth Rate:          Fast under optimal conditions 

True Aquatic:          Yes  

Placement in Tank:   Mid-background

Available As:             Bunch