Ludwigia glandulosa

This plant was originally introduced to the hobby under the erroneous name, L. perennis (or sometimes L. peruensis) It is one of the more difficult aquarium plants and must have high light, strong supplemental CO2 and good nutrition. Even under these conditions, it is not a fast grower submersed and will sometime fail for no discernible reason. Never the less, it is such a beautiful plant that many hobbyists enjoy trying their hand at it!

Common Name:     None

Family Name:          Onagraceae

Native To:                S.E. United States

Lighting:                  Very bright

Requirements:         Demanding plant, requires exacting cultural conditions

Growth Form:          Stem

Growth Rate:            Slow

True Aquatic:            Yes, also a worthy terrarium plant

Placement in Tank:   Mid-ground

Available As:             Bunch