Hydrotriche hottoniiflora

Hydrotriche hottoniiflora is a fast growing aquarium plant.  Bright green stems are surrounded by whorls of needle like leaves making for a unique texture in the planted aquarium.  Hydrotriche hottoniiflora requires medium to high amounts of light, and good nutrients supply, and does best with supplemental CO2.  But under these conditions, it is a good grower.  Native to Madagascar and relatively new to the aquarium trade, Hydrotriche hottoniiflora has been difficult for many enthusiasts to find until now. 

Common Name:     none

Family Name:          Scrophulariaceae

Native To:                Madagascar

Lighting:                  Medium - high

Requirements:          Does best with supplemental CO2 and a nutritious substrate, otherwise not difficult

Growth Form:           Stem

Growth Rate:            Fast

True Aquatic:            Yes

Placement in Tank:   Rear, or in regularly trimmed masses further forward

Available As:             Bunch