Proserpinaca palustris

Proserpinaca palustris is a very old friend in the world of planted aquariums in the U.S., though it was not well known in the European hobby until recent years. It is a relatively easy plant to grow, but it is never a fast grower. In extremely good light with supplemental CO2, it acquires a lovely, prize hue. Th slow growth rate makes it a good stem choice for smaller tanks. Make sure it is not crowded, so light can get to the bottoms if the plant.

Common Name:      Mermaid weed

Family Name:           Haloragaceae

Native To:                 North and South America

Lighting:                  Moderate - High

Requirements:        Doe best with good light and supplemental CO2

Growth Form:        Stem 

Growth Rate:          Moderate 

True Aquatic:        Yes   

Placement in Tank:  Mid-ground

Available As:             Bunch