Clinopodium cf. brownei

Clinopodium cf. brownei has been known in the past as Micromeria brownei that name is incorrect, and at this time, the genus is Clinopodium. It is believed that the species currently in cultivation in the hobby is brownei. The plant is a small leaved creeping marsh plant with a strong mint odor when crushed. In the aquarium, it is not a difficult plant, though like many, it responds best in aquariums with good nutrient support and supplemental CO2.

Common Name:     Creeping charlie

Family Name:          Lamiaceae

Native To:                North and South America

Lighting:                 Moderate

Requirements:         Does best with supplemental CO2

Growth Form:          Stem

Growth Rate:           Fast in good conditions

True Aquatic:           Yes

Placement in Tank:   Mid-ground

Available As:             Bunch