Hygrophila pinnatifida

Hygrophila pinnatifida has beautiful olive to brown leaves, often patched with red on the top side and with a distinguishing maroon color beneath. It creates horizontal side shoots that easily attach to both wood and rock. While it can be planted in the substrate, it looks best attached to wood or rock,  Hygrophila pinnatifida has a slow to medium growth rate.  Good lighting lighting, good nutrition and supplemental CO2 guarantees strong growth.  Higher light will make it redder.  The plant should be trimmed regularly to maintain small, lacy leaves.  If allowed to get too large, it becomes stemmy, and the leaves are less attractive.

This is a plant that changes significantly from emersed to submersed growth.  When this plant arrives as emersed grown stems, the leaves will be quite large.  As it adapts to under water growth, the leaves become smaller, delicate and more decorative.  

Common Name:    None   

Family Name:         Acanthaceae  

Native To:               India  

Lighting:                 Medium to high  

Requirements:         Good cultural care with supplemental CO2 and good ntrition will give the best results   

Growth Form:         Stem    

Growth Rate:          Medium    

True Aquatic:          Yes    

Placement in Tank: If trimmed regularly, it is very adaptable.  If left to grow, needs space at the back  

Available As:            Bunch