Pogostemon stellatus (broad leafed)

Pogostemon stellatus was originally sold under the generic name, Eusteralis, and although it changed a long time ago, you still occasionally see that name. This species is very variable in the wild, and can look quite different, from very fine, thin leaves to much broader, depending on where the original material was collected. This one sold by Florida Aquatic Nursery has leaves of a medium width and is a good grower.

Pogostemon stellatus is a good plant for a well managed high light tank with supplemental CO2 and regular nutrient supply. It will stunt quickly if nutrients are in short supply. It responds favorably to very intense light, and will become very red, as shown in the photos from the wild. In an aquarium with good conditions but less bright light, it will still grow well, but will be greener. This is true even in the wild. While it prefers sunny locations, it will also grow in the shade, but in these locations, the leaves are not as red.

Common Name:     

Family Name:          Lamiaceae

Native To:                Asia and Australia

Lighting:                 Moderate to intense

Requirements:        Relatively demanding 

Growth Form:        Stem  

Growth Rate:          Fast in optimal conditions 

True Aquatic:           Yes

Placement in Tank:   Background, or carefully trimmed, in the mid-ground

Available As:             Bunch