Acorus calamus 'Variegatus'

Variegated Sweetflag is a great marginal plant for any size pond or water garden.   Its colorful leaves always draw attention even when other plants are flowering. Variegated Sweetflag will grow up to 36" in height making it suitable for almost any location in the water garden.  You can plant it in front of larger background plants to add color or if you have a smaller pond or water garden you can use the Variegated Sweetflag as a colorful background itself.  Hardy in most places in North America this is an excellent marginal plant for water gardens. 

Common Name:      Variegated sweetflag

Use: Hardy marginal

Flower Color: N/A

Leaf Color: Green & white

Height: to 36”

Hardiness Zone: 4-11

Native To: North America

Available As: 2” and 4” pots