Scientific Name: Azolla Caroliniana

Azolla caroliniana, also known as mosquito fern, is a floating, aquatic fern native to the North, South, & Central America. It is a free-floating fern measuring less than ½ inch across. Newer leaves are gray green, but can turn rusty-red, especially in winter. It spreads vegetatively and can quickly form large, floating mats.

This little fern is also useful as a floating plant in aquariums, where it can provide good cover for fry or for jumpy fish.

Common Name:      Azolla, Mosquito fern

Use: Floater

Flower Color: N/A

Leaf Color: Green to bronze in strong light

Height: N/A

Hardiness Zone: 7-10

Native To: North, South, & Central America

Available As: Bare root & XL portion