Rotala rotundifolia

Rotala rotundifolia is, without doubt, the most versatile of the Rotala species, as well as the the easiest to grow. While more demanding varieties have been developed in recent years, the type that we grow at Florida Aquatic Nurseries is vigorous, undemanding, and beautiful. It will grow even in moderate light without supplemental CO2. Under those conditions, it is likely to get taller, with more space between the leaves, and remain greener, without so much rosy color on the tops.

Under better conditions, with good light, supplemental CO2 and regular feeding, Rotala rotundifolia is a very rewarding plant. It responds well to heavy trimming, by becoming a dense, full bush with lovely bronze and pink tones.

This plant used to be sold, erroneously, under the name Rotala indica, which is a completely different species.

Common Name:     

Family Name:          Lythraceae

Native To:                Wide spread in Asia

Lighting:                  Moderate to high

Requirements:        Undemanding, but responds best to good growth conditions

Growth Form:          Stem

Growth Rate:           Fast

True Aquatic:          Yes 

Placement in Tank:  Mid to background, needs regular trimming

Available As:            Bunch