Common Name:      Nymphaea 'Southern Charm'

Nymphaea 'Southern Charm' won 2nd place in the peoples choice award in 2007 at the IWGS new waterlily competition at Sarah P. Duke Gardens (see article on website). The name Nymphaea 'Southern Charm' was inspired by our southern heritage and such a charming plant! Nymphaea 'Southern Charm' was a chance tropical waterlily seedling and was released to the trade in 2007. N. 'Southern Charm' is unique because of it's unusual flower color. The blue fused with yellow created a color that is not represented in waterlilies. The beautifully mottled pads and the vigor this plant shows makes it a truly unique lily.

Scientific name: Nymphaea x 'Southern Charm'

Hardiness: Tropical

Flower Color: Blue/green

Pad Color: Green with purple mottling

Size: Medium

Hybridizer: Florida Aquatic Nurseries 2007