Common Name:      Nymphaea 'Bull's Eye'

Nymphaea 'Bull's Eye's flower color is the real eye-catcher on this tropical waterlily. The red color is deeper or more of a true red than any other tropical waterlily on the market today. This flower will catch your eye from quite a distance away. Set on a vigorous, compact plant with solid green pads we expect this waterlily will be well received.  Over 70 petals will adorn the flower at its maximum size. This is one of the most exciting waterlilies to hit the market in the past years. 
The closest comparison with N. 'Bull's Eye' would be N. 'Jack Wood' however the flower color of N. 'Bull's Eye' is much darker than N. 'Jack Wood' and the flower has many more petals, up to 70 when mature.

Scientific name: Nymphaea x 'Bull's Eye'

Hardiness: Tropical

Flower Color: Red

Pad Color: Green

Size: Medium

Hybridizer: Florida Aquatic Nurseries