Common Name:      Nymphaea 'William McLane'

Nymphaea 'William McLane' was awarded the Banksian Medal as the best new waterlily of the year in 1997 by the IWGS. The contest was held at Denver Botanic gardens and had 50 new waterlilies competing.
Nymphaea 'William McLane' was named after our founder Dr. William McLane. We knew this lily was special from the day we discovered it in one of our production tanks. This fact was confirmed by the IWGS.
Nymphaea 'William McLane' was a cross between Nymphaea 'Green Smoke' and and unknown tropical waterlily. It was released to the trade in 1998
Nymphaea 'William McLane' is unique in all ways from it's large deep blue flower to it's egg shaped pads. The flower is large with up to 48 petals at maturity. The deep blue color can turn to deep purple under certain conditions like cooler temperatures. The pads are heavily mottled with large blotches of maroon on a green background. The waterlily itself is vigorous and is one of the first lilies to grow in the spring. We are especially proud of this tropical waterlily which is obvious by the name we have given it.

Scientific name: Nymphaea x 'William McLane'

Hardiness: Tropical

Flower Color: Blue

Pad Color: Green with purple mottling

Size: Medium

Hybridizer: Florida Aquatic Nurseries 1997


IWGS 1997 Banksian Medal as the Best New Waterlily