Common Name:      Nymphaea  'Morada Bay'

N. ‘Morada Bay’ has all the right attributes, compact, a vigorous grower, a prolific bloomer, and has a deep purple flower color. N. ‘Morada Bay’ has a uniquely mottled pad with three different colors appearing at one time.  It has a very full deep purple color flower that is reminiscent of a Dahlia in shape.  This is a medium sized water lily that would be a great attribute to any pond.

Scientific name: Nymphaea x ‘Morada Bay’

Hardiness: Tropical

Flower Color: Purple

Pad Color: Mottled

Size: Medium

Hybridizer: Florida Aquatic Nurseries 2013


2015 IWGS Best New Tropical Waterlily

2015 IWGS Second Best New Waterlily